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ATAProbe 1

What is ATAprobe? ATAprobe is yet another program which displays drive information based on the Identify command. An attempt was made to sift the essential information from the less important (ofttimes simply obsolete or incorrect) data. Another distinguishing feature is that it detects ATAPI devices such as CD-ROMs and tapes. In contrast to many other utilities of its ilk, it closely follows the ATA,-2,-3 and ATAPI 1.2 & 2.5 specifications and should work with all equipment conforming to these standards, plus most hardware which does not. Unfortunately, many "ATAPI" devices in particular violate the ATAPI standard in all kinds of interesting ways. Although ATAprobe is a self contained and (hopefully!) useful program, it is actually a spinoff from a much larger one still under development. This way it is possible to make some nice functionality available early. Since any improvement to ATAprobe is an improvement to its larger brother, it allows vital parts of the latter to mature early.