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DVCopy 2.00

Shareware: DVCopy is a file copying utility, that is built to work under DESQview. It combines many features which are handy to any DESQview user. DVCopy's top feature is its ability to read/write floppy drives without causing a complete slow-down on all other tasks. Also, DVCopy is (optionally) fully share aware. It recognizes when a specific file is locked, and tries to open it for a definable amount of time/retries until it skips it, and goes to the next file, (optionally) adding it to the end of the "to-copy" queue, for a later retry. In addition to these DV-Specific features, DVCopy has dozens of others, including 4DOS and NDOS compatibility, fast-move option, progress-indicator display, full subdirectories copy, and more.