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Redneck Rampage

This download includes CD images (MDF format) of the "Redneck Rampage/Redneck Rampage Rides Again Dual Jewel" pack compilation that was sitting around on one of my shelves collecting dust. Optional files for download include scans of the jewel case inserts & installation instructions, along with the "Cuss Pack" add-on for those who want to make the game's audio a LOT more colorful. The file sizes are little large due to the CDs having both audio and data tracks, but the hard disk install footprint is 138 MB for Redneck Rampage & 209 MB for the Rides Again sequel. Although a DOS game, this version of RR also claims to be Windows 95 compatible and I have tested these images on a Virtual Box Win98 SE installation. The Win98 virtual environment had a few issues getting the game to run, but it played fine when launched with the autorun executable on the CDs. If you're up for off-color, tasteless, redneck humor in the Duke Nukem 3D style of gameplay, this game is an absolute riot. You will need WinRAR to unpack the archives.