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Tandon AT/SCSI DataPacII / AdPac / Personal DataPac Drivers & Ut 3.0

Product=Tandon AT/SCSI DataPacII Drivers & Utilities Description=Support for DOS, OS/2, Novell 286 & 386 Release=3.0 Disknum=1 Language=DUTCH Volume=DPUII-30DUT Label=Tandon SCSI Data Pac Drivers DOS, OS/2, Novell 286 & 386 Utility Diskette Rel. 3.0 Dpprep.exe = Menu Driven Format / partition utility for Personal Data Pac Dpcopy.exe = This utility will make image backups of one Data Pac to another. Dppark.exe = locks read/write heads inside data pac for transport Dpeject.exe = Eject Data pack from drive bay DPdiags.exe = Diagnose Datapac Hlprep.exe = High level preperation utility for pac drives (partition, format) Llprep.exe = Lowl level preperation utility for pac drives (Low Level format) rllsetup.exe = Setup of Tandon RLL controller card for External AD-Pac = Change ejection key assignment = Lock datapac from ejection = copy datapac to other pac drive = compare datapac with other pac drive = unknown? = eject(s) datapac(s) from drive bays = unlock datapack for ejection dospac.sys = Tandon Dospac installable device driver dpaccess.sys = Tells dos 3.3 that installed ad-pac is partitioned into 40 megabytes and not restricted to 32 mb dos limit. Add the following line to config.sys: device = dpaccess.sys /s64