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A super portfolio manager. Handles virtually all investment types and transactions (e.g. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, real estate, etc.; reinvestments, splits, shorts, margin, etc.). Computes both dollar and time weighted ROI before and after taxes for securities and portfolios. Cost bases computed using FIFO, LIFO, Average, and specific lot methods. Reports include transaction, position, dividend, interest, capital gains, ROI, cash flow reports plus graphics. Scrollable transactions permit easy input and viewing of data. Handy features include "masking" and sub-totalling for exam-ination of a particular series of transactions. Price quotes may be entered manually or may be downloaded from Compuserve Dow Jones, GEnie and others using built- in communications. Quotes may be imported from Prodigy quote files. On-screen help and 120+ page on-disk manual. (req. DOS 2.0+, 384K) Rated "Best Buy" by CHANGING TIMES MAGAZINE 6/90 and "Best Bargain" by BUSINESS WEEK MAGAZINE 11/11/91 To install, unzip from the floppy disk image. Shareware