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Windows 3.x / Multimedia


Music Sudio 3 - Deskmate 3

You'll need to copy the runtime drivers fmm the DeskMate Runtime disk onto another floppy or your hard disk. However, the lOOOSL version of DeskMate does not recognize the fie extension of the runtime drivers. Before runniig DeskMate from the D: drive, insert the DeskMate Runtime disk into drive A . At the A: prompt, type in one of these commands: If you're using a floppy disk (have a formatted disk on hand) use this command: Copy A:*.RRS B:*.RES If you're using a hard drive, you can copy the extensions to the C: drive using this command: Copy A:*.RRS C:*.RES Now you're ready to load DeskMate and The Music Studio 3.0 as described in steps 1 through 7 above.