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Windows 9x/ME / Utility


PC Secure 1.0

PC Secure runs inside your computer to monitor all TCP/IP traffic passing in and out of it. Set your own personal traffic rules and, every time you boot up, this program starts working automatically. PC Secure screens every connection request against your traffic rules, and you decide what access others can have to and from your computer. PC Secure is your personal firewall. PC Secure's Rule Administrator allows you specify the traffic rules for on-line computing by configuring your computer to communicate only with individuals and sites you've permitted. It runs in the background, monitoring restricted data access attempts on your system. You can allow access to other sites, require the computer to ask for permission to communicate, or deny access. PC Secure also protects your computer and everything on it from all unwanted on-line sessions. Nobody accesses your data without your knowledge and permission. PC Secure configures itself to your needs. PC Secure's Smart Configure feature detects questionable network traffic and asks you whether it should block it and whether it should update your traffic rules. A Setup Wizard also asks you questions about your Internet usage to automatically set up PC Secure for you. The Setup Wizard walks you through the PC Secure setup. Set security traffic rules for any application, at any or all addresses, using any or all protocols, or target a specific area such as: - E-Mail; - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) ; - News Groups; - Web Browsers. PC Secure prompts you for a new traffic rule whenever your PC receives an inbound access request or submits an outbound access request not covered by current traffic rules. This allows you to build your traffic rule set on the fly. Using PC Secure The PC Secure Traffic Cop control panel allows you to: - select the operating mode; - set your password and - access the other features of PC Secure. PC Secure locks out ALL new Inbound and Outbound conversations when you activate the Block operating mode. Your PC is completely secure from further Internet access. You can also specify a personal security code that allows only you to select the operating mode or change the traffic rules. The Real Time Traffic Log keeps a concise summary of all on-line sessions.