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Valdocs Plus for Epson QX-10 (5.25)

Valdocs is an office suite that was bundled with the Epson QX-10 (and later QX-16) Z80 based computer. It was "WYSIWYG" in that it could display different fonts of different sizes in the editor on the screen. It could also embed images in the document, and print the document to a graphics printer. Valdocs Plus is an upgrade to Valdocs 2.0 created after Rising Star Industries parted ways with Epson. This version is specifically for the QX-10. This archive contains six 5.25" DSDD TPM-III formatted floppy disk images in ImageDisk, SCP, and Kryoflux formats. 01 - Load 02 - Run 1 03 - Run 2 04 - Utilities 05 - Help 06 - Data