Software made by QNX Software Systems Ltd.



QNX 1.44mb Demo Disk 4.05

Description: QNX is a compact Unix-like real-time operating system. This demo disk fits an operating system, demo apps, and an HTML3 capable web browser on a single 1.44mb floppy disk. There are two versions of the demo disk. One contains drivers for a limited number of network interface cards. The other has a PPP dialer for use with a standard serial modem. Requires: 386+, 8mb ram, serial or PS/2 mouse, VGA or VESA 2 video, NE1000/DEC 21x4x/3com 509 NIC (network version), and standard modem on COM1-4 (modem version). No hard drive needed! To use the QNX Extensions, place them on a web server and access the files with the browser.