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DOS / System


FAST programming language 2.67

Avesome and innovative programming language and compiler. Language syntax is based mainly on BASIC, but borrows good constructs from C and even pascal. Contains high level functions that do low level jobs like port I/O, interrupt calling, timer reprogramming etc. Machine code can be inlined, unfortunately not by using assembly syntax, but by inlining the code byte by byte. The compiler is about 35 Kb and depends on no other file. It understands more than 200 commands and functions including memory manipulation, file handling, direct screen handling, graphics, sound etc. It produces very tight and standalone .com files. Meaningful tasks can be fulfilled in only few hundred bytes of compiled code! The compiler is not dull at all, can process complex expressions and even handles 32-bit long integer math. The package contains quite good documentation. I wish I got to know the author! Then I'd persuade him to release the compiler sources under some open source license! UNFAST.EXE is a selfextracting PKZIP package, which unextracts to the current directory.