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The Seven Cities of Gold

The Seven Cities of Gold is a strategy video game created by Dan Bunten (and the game development team Bunten founded, Ozark Softscape) and published by Electronic Arts in 1984. In 1993, a new version was released for the PC running under DOS. The DOS remake made many changes to the original game, and is more appropriately viewed as a reconceptualization of the gameplay than as a simple cosmetic makeover. The player takes the role of a late-15th century explorer for the Spanish Empire, setting sail to the New World in order to explore the map and interact with the natives in order to win gold and please the Spanish court. The game begins with the player having been given an exploration fleet by the Spanish crown, consisting of four ships, one hundred men, and some trade goods. The game appears showing a city in Spain, a fairly simplified 2D side-scrolling representation of the town consisting of the player's home, a palace, a pub and an outfitters. ---THIS GAME NEEDS DOSBOX TO RUN ON MODERN SYSTEMS---THE MANUAL IS INCLUDED INSIDE THE PACKAGE---