Software made by N. Inoue (junnno)

Windows XP / Utility


Disk Explorer 1.69E

Similar to WinImage, this freeware tool can open floppy images (use 'plain FD') and disk images (see GIF animation included). Compatible with a wide range of formats, for example PC9801, X68000, MSX and several emulators (Vmware, Bochs, MAME/MESS). Extensions of file which DiskExplorer can access: (various) = General disk image; (no qualifier?) = PC98E HD, DAT = Vmware2.0 plain disk data; HDD = Virtual98 HD; NHD = T98-Next HD; THD =T98 HD; FDI = Anex86 FD; HDI = Anex86 HD; HDF = EX68 HD. Older versions of this software caused data corruption, so take care (and make backups). Install to C:\Users\Public\EditDisk