Software made by Mijenix, Ontrack

Windows 9x/ME / Utility


PowerDesk Pro

PowerDesk Pro PDEXPLO.EXE Date: 08/09/2000 2:41 PM PowerDesk Pro file manager. Developed by Mijenix, marketed by Ontrack. This is the last of the 4.x builds. "PowerDesk 4 Pro incorporates an award-winning Windows file manager, integrated zip/unzip capabilities, file viewers that recognize over 200 different file formats, and more, to give you the World’s Best File Manager." SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Any personal computer capable of running Microsoft Windows. 8MB of RAM (Windows 98) 16MB of RAM (Windows NT 4.0, 95 and 2000) 21MB of free disk space. Microsoft Windows 95, 4 or Windows NT 4.0. PowerDesk will NOT run under DOS, Windows 3.1x or Windows NT 3.x. AppleSeed 2021