Software made by Mijenix, MicroHelp

Windows 9x/ME / Utility


PowerDesk ExplorerPlus 1.0

PowerDesk ExplorerPlus 1.0.0 by MicroHelp Serial: PD-100-134630 Date: 11/10/1995, 1:00 AM Requies: 486 PC, 8MB Ram, Windows 95. This is the first full file manager release by Mijenix for Windows 95. Their previous product was Wizmanager for Wondows 3.x, an add-on for Windows File Manager (Fileman.exe). This time, PowerDesk ExplorerPlus is a standalone file manager. Mijenix turned all marketing over to MicroHelp: it would be the first of several companies to take over marketing. In addition to ExplorerPlus, this includes a desktop toolbar, comparable to Dashboard 95. I have included a page from PC Mag that describes more of the features. AppleSeed 2021