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MTCP NetCat with -quiet option Sep 4 2020

This is a custom-compiled version of mTCP's Netcat utility. A "-quiet" option has been added, which suppresses some of the output. This makes the program a little more friendly for scripting. The mTCP version number I've given here is simply a compilation date (that is how the program reports the version, there is no other version in the official program). This was compiled with Open Watcom 1.9, using the mTCP March 7th 2020 sources, which are GPL. It is recommended that you download the official mTCP package, and drop this additional program in the same folder. The regular netcat executable is NC.EXE, this has been named NCQ.EXE. I have tested this build on DosBox and on 8088 hardware. I've included the source CPP file so you can see the basic changes for the "-quiet" option, in case you want to compile for yourself. To compile, you will need to have a working Watcom setup and the full mTCP sources, which are both readily available.