Software made by M Alfian A Rahman

Windows NT/2000 / Multimedia


PaintStudio Lite 1.2

License: Freeware. Size: 2.0MB. PaintStudio Lite 1.2 is a simple and easy to use freeware image viewing and editing application - now Abandonware. A good program for quick editing that offers an easy way to apply useful filters. Once you are done toiling with the opacity and filters, you can quickly optimize the source to create a new picture. File format support: Bitmap (*.bmp), JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg), GIF (*.gif), PNG-8 or 24 (*.png), TARGA (*.tga), PCX (*.pcx), Windows Icons (*.ico), Win32 Enhanced Metafile (*.emf) and Windows 3.1 Metafile (*.wmf). Alpha-blending: Blending of image with optional combination of background color, mask image and/or tiled background image. Anti-aliasing: Various filters to control image quality when scaling or stretching image. Each filter will provide best result in different situations. Text layers: Anti-aliased texts with adjustable blending factor(opacity) with background image. Special Effects: Many special effects to enhance the appearance of image. i.e. blur, sharpen, emboss, twirl, waves, etc. Adjustable Optimization: Optimization of image to JPEG, GIF or PNG is adjustable to achieve desired file size and image quality. Active preview of optimized image: When adjusting optimization levels, optimized image is directly displayed on the screen so you can see the difference of each change and decide the best image quality versus the file size.