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VocalWriter 2.0

For MacOS X 10.3+, can run up to 10.6 under Rosetta. Includes PPC keygen and source. VocalWriter includes a Vocal Synthesizer, General MIDI Synthesizer and an excellent MIDI editor. The main VocalWriter features are: • Import / export Standard MIDI Files • Karaoke" style lyrics display while singing • Save as AIFF sound file (MIDI to sound) • Track and note selection editing: Transpose, quantize, slide, duration, velocity, controller, pronunciations • Track scrubbing • Import KAR lyrics • Real-time performance meter • "Track scrubbing • MIDI deck controls with real-time stereo VU meter Rewind, Stop, Play, Play-From-Marker, Record, Fast-Forward • Individual track mute and solo • Adjust track levels live during play • "Thumbnail" piano-roll tracks overview • Graphical editing of MIDI controls • 32 MIDI channel independent tracks • Auto MIDI channel to tracks expansion (splitting) • Piano-roll style note editing • Virtual screen keyboard • 100,000 word pronunciation dictionary • Adjust individual phonetic units for pronunciation fine tuning • Vocal MIDI controls: Volume, sustain, pitch-bend, PB range, instrument, fine-tune, brightness, chorus, vibrato freq and depth, portamento, breath, noise