Software made by Jan Lönnberg

DOS / Multimedia


GAZE 1.2

GAZE, or Graphics Analyser, Zoomer and Enhancer, is a viewer for graphics files in JPEG, BMP, Targa, LBM, PCX or PNG format. As its name suggests, GAZE has several functions beyond simply loading and displaying a picture. GAZE allows the user to pan and zoom the picture in a fluid manner using the mouse, where most viewers slowly zoom in steps, if at all. Moreover, GAZE has a few more tricks up its sleeve; when you stop zooming or panning, GAZE takes the opportunity to use its interpolation facilities to improve the quality of your zoomed picture. Moreover, GAZE automatically optimises the palette used in 8 bit modes after analysing the relative frequency of different colours. GAZE also supports "slide-show" viewing of pictures, with or without timed picture changes, as well as most SVGA modes and several VGA modes.