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Windows 3.x / DBMS


SQLWindows 5.0

SQLWindows is an application development system designed primarily for SQL database applications. SQLWindows runs under two graphical user interfaces: Microsoft Windows 3.1 and OS/2 Presentation Manager. SQLWindows provides programmers with a fully-functional programming language. This language is called SAL (SQLWindows Application Language) and it includes hundreds of built-in functions that make it fast and easy to develop applications. SQLWindows' predefined templates and easy-to-use interface give programmers a jump-start in creating scroll bars, menus, dialog boxes, and other objects associated with a graphical user interface. SQLWindows provides end users with a graphically-based application that offers ease of use, a consistent interface, and an extensive help system. All of these make it easier for the end user to learn to use the application. nb: run ok on MS WinXP (sugar)