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OS/286 DOS Extender by Ergo Computing Inc. 2.1.A6

This particular version of the DOS Extender was custom tailored for people who were running The MajorBBS v5.31 by Galacticomm. It may be useful with other software, but at the very least, if you were running The MajorBBS v5.31, this is the program you needed to allow your BBS to operate beyond the 640k DOS memory barrier. A personal note: I have not been successful in getting The MajorBBS v5.31 to run under DOSBOX, VMware, or VirtualBox on modern systems. I have also tried reviving my old BBS on an old AMD K6-2 500MHz computer running DOS 6.22 natively, and it still fails due to the fact that it can't run this OS286 DOS Extender properly. I guess I need an old 486 to make this work. ****************************************************************************** VI. GALACTICOMM ENHANCEMENTS FOR VERSION 2.1.A6 ****************************************************************************** This version of Ergo's OS2/286 DOS Extender has been specially prepared for use with The Major BBS by Galacticomm. The following is a list of differences that can be found with this release: *** Support for Borland C++ has been added. Although patches for both Large and Huge memory model are included on the disk, Galacticomm only will support Huge memory model. *** Galacticomm has included its own custom GALUP.EXE. For details on how to use it, please refer to Galacticomm documentation. Two flavors of GALUP are located on this disk. One for use with versions of The Major BBS prior to V5.31 and one for use with The Major BBS V5.31. The appropriate file is copied to your computer based on a question during installation. Should you copy the wrong file you can manually correct the problem. In the OS286 directory on this disk is GALUP530.EXE and GALUP531.EXE. GALUP530.EXE is for any protected mode version of the BBS prior to V5.31. GALUP531.EXE is for version 5.31 of the BBS. *** MODLINK.EXE is now included on this disk. This utility will patch Borland's TLINK.EXE Version 4.0 to break the DOS 1 MEG relocation table limit. See Galacticomm documentation for instructions on how to use it.