Software made by Data Junction Corporation

Windows 9x/ME / DBMS


Data Junction 5.12

Data Junction 5.12 for Windows April 3, 1997 Data Junction Corporation 2201 Northland Drive Austin, Texas 78756 Dear Data Junction Owner: Welcome to the latest installment of our award-winning data conversion tool - Data Junction v5.12 for Windows! We have now shipped over 80,000 licenses of Data Junction since we started, and are more convinced than ever that DJWin represents the best data conversion technology available on the desktop. Data Junction is a universal data conversion tool. Built with a graphical interface, users can convert nearly any structured, field and record-oriented file format, including PC Databases, SQL DBMS, Spreadsheets, Flat Files, ASCII, Binary/EBCDIC, ISAMs, Text and Reports (see Cambio and DJXL below), Verticals (Acct, Contact Mgrs, Mailing/Printing, ...) Legacy Cobol, Math/Stats, Mailmerge, TextBases, and many others. 1. Install, using S/N: W103-111111 2. Use softs AppleSeed '96