Software made by Brent Shellenberg

DOS / Communication


SGT Services Manager Version 1.38 1.38

***** SGT Services Manager Version 1.38 ***** Powerful communications software for SuperVGA systems. Use even on text based systems!! Has all the features you would expect to pay for. Features: * Built in XModem/YModem/YModem-G/ZModem * Complete dialer with seperate password, login names and function key assignments. * Fax send & receive for adaptive answer equiped modems. (Zoom, Supra etc.) * YAPP connections to Shotgun systems. * Automatic front end mailer bypass. * Supports 640x480, 800x600 & 1024x768 video. Requirements: SuperVGA (640x480x256 colour), IBM or MS compatible mouse, 580k of available conventional memory, and 3 MB of FREE XMS.