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Recursive Realm 3.0

* Mandelbrot set exploration. - Includes "warped" Mandelbrots. * Julia set exploration. - Five functions, including sin, cos, and exponential. - Ability to select Julia set of Mandelbrot function by "pointing" to an area while viewing a Mandelbrot picture. * Newton's Method exploration. - Fourteen functions. * Models of Magnetism exploration. - Two functions. * Two levels of integer routines making Recursive Realm one of the fastest fractal explorers available anywhere. * Supports Mariani's algorithm for Mandelbrot/Julia pictures. * Easy-to-use front-end menu system. * Unattended multiple-picture development. * Help screens available at every step. * Save pictures at any point and continue building at a later time. * On-screen "zooming". * Mouse support. * 3-D block, plate, or sphere projection, and convolution. * Jigsaw puzzles (just for the fun of it). * Rapid expansion. * Pictures saved in PCX format. * Escape sequence tracking. * Query iteration value for any pixel on the screen. * One of the best coloring systems available. * Easy multi-color or smooth-color palette selection + written in assembler