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Project Manager Workbench 2.20 Advanced

"The Workbench is a decision support system designed specifically for a project manager's own use when planning and controlling projects in which resources are a major consideration. Its primary goals are to - increase your productivity by automating lengthy and tedious calculations associated with balancing of resources, networking, costing, etc., - enhance your responsiveness to changing conditions by allowing you to modify and reconfigure plans quickly, and - improve the quality of your planning by enabling you to produce plans that are both detailed and current. The Workbench helps you achieve these goals The Workbench integrates Gantt charts, dependency networks, resource spreadsheets and text. Therefore, you have all the tools required to plan and control projects." Project Workbench comes in both a Standard an Advanced edition and an optional communications module. Important: This software is copy protected, and no unprotect is known to exist. To run it, you must either recreate a copy protected disk with the images provided, or run in an emulator that supports copy protected disks such as PCE. Note: This software checks the DOS version at startup and refuses to run on DOS 5.0 or later. To work around this, add an entry to setver with the command "SETVER PMW.COM 3.30".